Beginners Lesson Package, Land & Water Instruction, Private lesson.
In this course you will learn about the wind and its effects on kiting, how to properly and safely launch, fly and land a trainer kite.  You will learn all necessary hand signals and kite safety.  Then you will learn to fly a 4 line  kite.  How to properly and safely Launch, fly and land
the 4 line kite, how to use

the power from the kite to body drag, re-launching the kite in the

water, flying the kite with one hand, self rescue and intro to water

5 hrs. instruction
.  $370.


The Complete Learn-To-Kiteboard Package, Private
This is the complete course for the absolute beginner

to a self-sufficient rider.  We supply all the gear for this

course and you will learn all aspects of Kiteboarding . 

This is the best package for the money and you will be

a proficient kiteboarder when you are finished with

this course
10hr. course instruction .   $ 730.

 Kitesurfing Coach
This is a private lesson for you tailored to your

needs.  Learn to jump higher, kite loop, back roll,

fly unhooked, advanced level tricks, and so on. 

The instructor will work with you individually to

increase your skill set

2hr. course.  $ 165




When did you take your last lesson?? 4 months ago…8 months ago... 1 year ago???  If so you are looking for this course….  During the Refresh course we will help you feel comfortable again with your kite and with your kite control, with the assembling of your equipment, we will go in the water for some body drag if you need or the water start.

We will follow you up and down the beach.

2hr.course.  $165


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